New Arrival

New Arrivals🔥 New Arrivals🔥 New Arrivals🔥

Attention, hardworking individuals who bring their own lunch to save money or friends who enjoy drinking herbal tea. Buffalo has three new products to recommend to you! They will make it easy for you to bring everything home at once. 🥰

Due to the economic downturn, many people choose to cook at home and bring their own lunch to work. Here, we have a Buffalo 800ml Vacuum Food Jar that is perfect for carrying soup or other liquids. Paired with the Buffalo 2L Thermo Carrier, you can easily keep your freshly cooked meals and soup to enjoy at work. It's incredibly convenient!‼️

Wait, there's more! For those who enjoy drinking herbal tea but dislike tea residue, the Buffalo 450ml Vacuum Mug with a filter grid is perfect for you. All three products are made of stainless steel, ensuring durability and safety. Such thoughtful products, you'll definitely love them. ❤️

Don't wait, hurry to our website or visit our nearby stores and authorized retailers to bring them home!‼️

新品🔥 新品🔥 新品🔥

为了生活省钱带便当上班的打工仔又或者喜爱喝养生茶的朋友们快点看过来‼️ Buffalo 有3个新品要推荐给你们噢❗️一次性让你们全部带回家🥰

由于经济不景气导致大家都选择在家下厨带便当上班,这里有款非常适合装汤或者液体的Buffalo 800ml 保温瓶,再搭配上Buffalo 2L 焖烧锅把刚煮好的饭菜和汤保温带去上班吃也没问题,简直不要太方便‼️

等等等‼️ 喜欢喝养生茶又不喜欢吃茶渣渣的朋友们,这款Buffalo 450ml自带过滤网格的保温杯绝对适合你们噢🥰 这3款都是都是不锈钢产品,即耐用又安全‼️ 那么贴心的产品,绝对爱了 ❤️



23 May 2023